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Yoshi TURTLE is a term once used to call Koopa Troopas on eBay, since I’m guessing sellers from Hong Kong and China couldn’t find its English name at the time. Now the term refers to any Nintendo item manufactured by people who have little to no knowledge about the video game character it’s based off of.

This site is about the many interesting looking bootlegs of Nintendo merchandise from eBay and other online stores. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty of bootleg merchandise out there, usually from Hong Kong, that’s surprisingly better or more creative than the real deal, and in my opinion, as long as it looks great, I couldn’t care less. I even own a few things I bought from Vietnam and Hong Kong with full knowledge they aren’t official, but man are they impressive!

Regardless of the seller’s origin, anybody can be just as susceptible making a Yoshi TURTLE.

Submissions are always welcome. Just keep in mind that it must be for sale and clearly unofficial and Nintendo-related (Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid, etc.). Also, I will no longer be accepting any hand-made merchandise, such as things normally found on Etsy.

Send an email to tehyoshi«at»gmail«dot»com with “Yoshi TURTLE Submission" in the subject.

Yoshi TURTLE(耀西誤龜)是我之前在eBay(電子灣)上用來稱呼Koopa Troopa(喏庫喏庫)的一個特用名稱,因為那個時候我認為香港和中國大陸的賣主可能由於不熟悉而找不到Koopa Troopa這個英文名字。現在,對電子遊戲的背景基礎知之甚少的人們把Yoshi TURTLE這個稱呼廣泛應用於他們所生產的任天堂遊戲。

我把從eBay和其它網上商店收集來很多讓人看上去會 很有好奇感的,由愛好者們私製的任天堂遊戲放在了這個網站上。哦,請不要誤會我!我只是從香港的一些網店和網站上看到了很多電子遊戲的 私製品,它們看起來比正版出售的那些出奇的好而且更有創意,至少在我看來,它們都非常棒,讓我愛不釋手。我自己也有幾個從越南和香港買來的非正版的任天堂遊 戲。它們的製作者真是讓人印象深刻。

英雄不問出處。每個人都可以做出自己的『Yoshi TURTLE』。


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