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I Want to Be the Super Star! 2010年 02月 22日

Posted by teh yoshi in Bootlegs.
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Toad, don’t be so silly. Go back to hosting those Mario Party games.



1. Hanh - 2011年 08月 2日

Hi, my daughter collects Toad plush & she has been look for this style everywhere! Do you know where I can buy it? If so, can you please tell me? I would really appreciate it! Thanks

tehyoshi - 2011年 08月 24日

You can find them on eBay, although these days the bootleggers are starting to tell their stuff isn’t accurate and it seems nobody wants to buy them. So maybe the fake stuff is getting even more rare than the real thing!

teh yoshi - 2011年 11月 23日



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