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Caption Contest #1 2010年 02月 18日

Posted by teh yoshi in Bootlegs.
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Winner of this caption contest will receive the item as shown.

Top five winners will receive a random colored Yoshi DS stylus!

(Thanks, The Wise Janitor!)



1. BP - 2010年 02月 18日

Please retrieve the Magic Wand so we can change him back!

2. The Wise Janitor - 2010年 02月 18日

It’s a…it’s a…It’s Cthulu’s walking stick!

3. CommodoreJim - 2010年 02月 18日

This New Super Mario Bros. Wii Power-up, known affectionately among the dev team as the “Pogo-Bat-Shroom", was sadly cut before the final product was shipped.

4. WarpRattler - 2010年 02月 18日

“How did this baseball bat start growing mold, Charlie Brown?" “I think it came from standing out in the rain for all those baseball games…"

5. Syrus63 - 2010年 02月 19日

They must’ve been doing ‘shrooms when they conceived this idea.



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